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Information technology - software - natural language processing - artificial intelligence - chatbots.

ChatGPT is a powerful versatile chatbot, first released in November 2022 by its developer OpenAI. One of OpenAI's investors is Microsoft.

GPT means generative pre-trained transformer model.

Is ChatGPT coming for the treasurers?
"It's undoubtedly the world’s most talked about technology right now, and its ability to ace exams, write screenplays, and even argue in court, has professionals from all walks fearing for their jobs.
As with many innovations, the rise of ChatGPT, the popular artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot created by San Francisco-based research lab OpenAI, has sparked widespread concerns it could replace humans with its speed, accuracy and reliability...

[According to treasury and technology expert Rahul Daswani FCT] 'What will mostly likely happen in the short term is that you’ll be able to [set up] your treasury operating system and your own enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in a manner where you could have an AI application that provides template-based answers,' he explained.
'Then a human would have to [apply] some degree of judgement [and] analysis before it’s published.'”
ACT Middle East technology conference - March 2023 - Megha Merani.

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