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1. Legal advisory services.

An external legal adviser, or firm of advisers, engaged to support a particular transaction.

Constructive legal counsels supported hardwired switch wording
"Alongside its ESG core, the RCF was one of the first products of its kind to include hardwired switch wording to anticipate the discontinuation of LIBOR.
In a market dominated by efforts to build contingencies against COVID-19, Ahold Delhaize faced challenges with encouraging its lenders to focus and align on that aspect of the deal.
However, in light of the firm’s track record as a credible borrower with a clear IBOR reform plan, constructive legal counsels and a facility agent were able to accommodate the feature operationally."
ACT Deals of the Year Awards 2020 - Ahold Delhaize

2. Corporate organisations.

A legally qualified and experienced employee who supports an organisation in its legal and regulatory affairs.

Formerly known more often as an in-house lawyer.

3. Law firms.

A senior member of a law firm, who is not a partner.

4. Some jurisdictions.

A lawyer who undertakes advocacy in court.

5. Verb - wellbeing.

To provide a talking therapy - counselling - that helps the client to find ways to deal with personal problems.

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