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1. Financial reporting - balance sheet - assets & liabilities.

Assets or liabilities that are likely to be converted into cash within a year or a normal accounting cycle.

2. Financial reporting - foreign currency translation - exchange rate.

The current exchange rate is the exchange rate on the last day of the financial reporting period.

3. Financial reporting - balance sheet - assets & liabilities - valuation.

Current cost is a basis of accounting incorporating current replacement costs of assets, rather than historical cost.

4. Financial reporting - pension liabilities - defined benefit.

In pensions accounting, current service cost is the increase in the employer's pension liabilities that arises from the pensionable service of employees in the current financial reporting period.

Contrasted with the past service cost.

5. International trade - statistics.

In international trade, current account measures include trading in goods and services, but exclude capital transfers.

6. Market rates of return - yield.

The current yield on an investment is its current annual income, divided by its current market value, ignoring capital gains or losses.

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