European Fund for Strategic Investments

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European Union (EU) - European Investment Bank (EIB).


The EFSI is a guarantee from the EU budget, complemented by an allocation of the EIB’s own capital.

The total amount aims to unlock additional important investment for higher-risk projects in the EU.

The EFSI is implemented by the EIB Group and projects supported by it are subject to usual EIB procedures.

With EFSI support, the EIB Group is providing funding for economically viable projects, especially for projects with a higher risk profile than usually taken on by the EIB.

It was established in response to historically low levels of investment within the EU, following the Global Financial Crisis.

The EFSI focuses on:

  • Strategic infrastructure including digital, transport and energy
  • Education, research, development and innovation
  • Renewable energy and resource efficiency
  • Support for small and mid-sized businesses

Projects in the UK received EFSI financing during the UK's membership of the EU.

Following the UK's withdrawal from the EU, the UK does not receive any new support under the EFSI.

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