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Digital assets - sports.

A fan token is a digital asset relating to a sports team, granting the holder preferential experiences, merchandising options and potentially voting rights in selected corporate decisions.

Non-sports fan tokens
"... given the evident revenue and marketing potential, why should fan tokens remain the exclusive preserve of sports corporations? Couldn’t any type of company get in on the action?
One business that has taken a keen interest in fan tokens is New Delhi-based TMT Law Practice – which, in March, published a detailed overview of the market from a legal perspective.
In TMT’s view, it is important to consider fan tokens within the broader context of ‘utility tokens’: crypto products that are designated with certain specific use cases by the companies that issue them.
'Contemporarily,' the firm says, 'fan tokens are associated primarily with the sports industry. However, other industries – such as media and entertainment – are already exploring opportunities to make use of them.'
In TMT’s assessment, other industries that may benefit from exploring opportunities in the fan tokens market include fashion and apparel, food and beverages, fine arts, merchandising, stationery, performing arts and consumer technology.”
The Treasurer online - 6 May 2022.

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