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Financial reporting - sustainability - International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


The ISSB was established in November 2021 to set IFRS sustainability standards.

International ESG reporting standards
"The intention is for the ISSB to deliver a comprehensive global baseline of sustainability-related disclosure standards that provide investors and other capital market participants with information about companies’ sustainability-related risks and opportunities to help them make informed decisions."
About the International Sustainability Standards Board.

ISSB could help unify fragmented sustainability standards
"The proposed International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) could prompt consolidation in the disclosure of financially material sustainability information by corporates and financial institutions within a globally accepted framework, Fitch Ratings says.
The large-scale adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), their familiarity and widely accepted credibility makes the expected ISSB launch a significant event that could facilitate widespread and consistent sustainability disclosures across sectors, although their efficacy would depend on ISSB standards’ final form and their implementation by regional and national authorities."
Fitch Wire, September 2021, p21.

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