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1. Market pricing - noun.

An artificially low - or deceptively low - figure quoted in a price negotiation.

2. Market pricing - verb.

To propose such an artificially low - or deceptively low - figure.

Lowballing LIBOR
"A federal appeals court [has] reversed the convictions of two former Deutsche Bank AG traders found guilty of rigging a global lending benchmark, overturning one of the US government’s highest-profile court victories linked to the 2008 financial crisis...
'Wire fraud is an enormously expansive statute, but the government needs to remember that violations of the statute need to be concrete, clear, and easily understandable if they are going to serve as a basis for a criminal conviction,' said Ellen Podgor, a professor at Stetson University College of Law...
A series of Wall Street Journal articles in 2008 raised questions about whether global banks were manipulating the interest-rate-setting process by lowballing Libor to avoid looking desperate for cash during the financial crisis."
Wall Street Journal - All US Trial Convictions in Crisis-Era Libor Rigging Have Now Been Overturned - 27 January 2022.

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