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Information technology.

Abbreviation for Quick Response code.

A machine readable visual code, in a square format.

The rise of embedded payments
"As digital transformation continues to surge through organisations, technology-enabled solutions will play an increasingly important role in payment processes and, ultimately, the customer journey.
Considering that embedded payments are already used by many businesses across different sectors, now is the time to be investing in them to maximise their potential for tomorrow.
We expect to see continued growth; not only in terms of adoption of embedded payments, but also in terms of innovation, especially when it comes to the breadth of use cases found for them.
Also on the horizon is an evolution in terms of the range of solutions available, such as account-to-account payments using either QR codes or through a link that can be sent via email or by SMS.
In a nutshell, embedded payments will play a crucial role as the industry strives to make payments even quicker, simpler and safer."
The Treasurer - 2023 Issue 3 p p33.

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