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1. Professional competence.

Having relevant professional qualifications or other experience or eligibility.

Value of ACT qualifications
"Having worked in larger Tier 1 banks like Citigroup and BAML, the skill set developed as corporate banker required a focused approach to implement the vision and mission of the bank, strong origination skills and the ability to deliver the bank's capability to the clients.
AMCT was very useful for my personal branding and gave me the ability to formulate strategy and advise the board and CEO on the entire banking strategy, the target operating model and the country and concentration limits. It helped me to attain the status of their trusted advisor in many instances.
The value that I found in the AMCT qualification lies in the ability to think much wider, and to create value above and beyond product engagement. With digital disruption, treasurers have many new challenges and need bankers and consultants who have a wider holistic view of the new challenges. AMCT creates that difference and is excellent when one wants to create a personal brand."
Shakil Haider MBA, AMCT, BE Hons. (Mech. Engg) Senior Corporate & Investment Banking Professional.

2. Reporting and financial reporting.

Diluted or limited, especially in relation to a formal statement, for example an audit report.

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