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1. Credit risk management - collateral.

In relation to lending and borrowing, supported by assets pledged by a borrower, as additional protection for the lender's interest.

For example a residential mortgage loan, for which the security is the residential property mortgaged to the lender.

2. Credit risk management - effective collateralisation.

In relation to lending and borrowing, supported in other ways by related assets, to protect the lender.

For example, in a sale and repurchase agreement (repo).

3. Credit risk management - other credit enhancement.

More generally, in relation to all forms of credit, supported by one or more credit enhancement structures for the the benefit of the lender.

4. Safety - confidentiality - controls - systems - procedures.

Acceptably low risk in relation to physical safety and confidentiality, especially following a process of improvement and enhancement to systems, procedures and related controls.

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