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1. Marketing and market analysis.

Market segmentation is an approach that seeks to:

  • Understand customers better, and in particular understand the differences between groups of customers, and
  • Differentiate and tailor product and service offerings accordingly.

Among other benefits, this may help to:

  • Increase brand awareness and brand loyalty, and
  • Enable charging higher prices for higher quality differentiated offerings.

2. Other segmentation.

Any other division of a whole, into parts that are useful to consider separately.

For example, the segmentation of total cash holdings into operating cash, reserve cash and strategic cash.

Cash segmentation policy
"Given the prevailing market environment, liquidity will come at a premium.
It is therefore important that cash investors conduct a thorough evaluation of their cash needs and determine their risk profile.
Effective forecasting of liquidity needs and assessment of risk tolerance creates the opportunity to achieve higher levels of risk adjusted returns within a cash portfolio."
Cash investing in a new world - Treasurer's Wiki

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