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Cryptoassets - volatility.

A stablecoin is usually a privately issued cryptoasset that aims to provide price stability by backing the coin with other assets.

Not all stablecoins are equally stable
"The umbrella term ‘stablecoin’ has been used to describe a range of instruments with quite different characteristics.
In particular, they may be backed by a range of financial assets, commodities or unbacked cryptoassets (which in some cases are supported by algorithmic protocols).
The robustness of those backing assets and the wider safeguards for guaranteeing stability of value vary significantly across the products labelled as stablecoins."
Sir Jon Cunliffe, Bank of England Deputy Governor for Financial Stability - Innovate Finance Global Summit - 17 April 2023.

CBDC pilot
"Le Banque de France announced on January 19 that a pilot saw 2 million euro worth of simulated shares purchased and sold by investors using a CBDC.
It took place with distributed ledger technology provided by SETL — a UK-based regulated blockchain services provider - which also provided the CBDC stablecoin."
Association of Corporate Treasurers Payments landscape blog, Naresh Aggarwal, Associate Director, Policy & Technical, 20 January 2021.

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