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1. Corporate organisation and management.

A corporate function concerned with financial risk management, funding, cash and liquidity management, and corporate financial management.

The individuals who work in this function are known as corporate treasurers.

2. Financial services.

The internal function of a bank or other financial institution with responsibilities including funding, liquidity management, capital management and related regulatory compliance in these areas.

3. Central government - UK.

The UK government department reporting to the Chancellor of the Exchequer which - among its other duties - is responsible for His Majesty's Revenue & Customs.

Also known as HM Treasury.

4. Central government - United States.

The US government department whose responsibilities include promoting the conditions that enable economic growth and stability in the US and abroad, strengthening national security by combating threats and protecting the integrity of the financial system, and managing the US government’s own finances and resources.

5. Other countries.

Comparable government departments in other countries.

6. Tradeable debt.

A treasury security.

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