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1. Cash and securities management.

The sending (or movement) of funds or securities or of a right relating to funds or securities from one party to another by:

i. The conveyance of physical instruments/money; or

ii. Accounting entries on the books of a financial intermediary; or

iii. Accounting entries processed through a funds and/or securities transfer system.

The act of transfer affects the legal rights of the transferor, transferee and possibly third parties in relation to the money balance, security or other financial instrument being transferred.

2. Risk management.

In relation to risk management, a response to risk in which another party is paid - or otherwise induced - to accept the risk.

Such a transfer often leaves counterparty risk on that other party as the primary residual risk.

The 'transfer' risk response includes both insurance and external hedging of financial risks with derivative instruments such as forward contracts.

3. Pensions.

The movement of a pension scheme member from one scheme to another, together with related pension liabilities and assets.

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