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1. Payment systems.

An aggregator is one of a number of online payment service providers (PSPs) that enable e-commerce merchants to accept payments on the merchant's own website.

Aggregators allow merchants to accept credit card and debit card transfers without having to set up a merchant account with each card association or bank.

Instead, the aggregator takes the payments from the different card associations and banks, remitting a total to the merchant, net of the aggregator's charges.

2. Other combinations.

More generally, any structure or intermediary that combines smaller individual transactions or amounts, into larger combined transactions or amounts.

Housing loans aggregator provides flexibility and speed
"We’re a founding shareholder of MORhomes, an aggregator owned by more than 60 housing associations, and which raises finance on the bond markets and lends it to those housing associations.
We haven’t borrowed through them as yet, but we have a standby liquidity agreement – so if I want to go to the market tomorrow and borrow £50m, I can do that fairly quickly.
This is a valuable vehicle to access borrowing from bond markets at a faster timescale on flexible terms with the option to draw down funds up to 12 months earlier than the security is charged."
Rohan Gunatillake, group treasurer, Golding Homes - The Treasurer magazine, Issue 2, June 2021, p34

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