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1. Companies - other corporate entities.

A company or other entity - for example a partnership - created for particular limited purposes, sponsored by another company or companies.

Housing loans vehicle provides flexibility and speed
"We’re a founding shareholder of MORhomes, an aggregator owned by more than 60 housing associations, and which raises finance on the bond markets and lends it to those housing associations...
This is a valuable vehicle to access borrowing from bond markets at a faster timescale on flexible terms with the option to draw down funds up to 12 months earlier than the security is charged."
Rohan Gunatillake, group treasurer, Golding Homes - The Treasurer magazine, Issue 2, June 2021, p34

2. Other intermediary structures.

Any structure to facilitate a transaction or relationship, through intermediation.

For example, a unit trust is a vehicle for small retail investors to invest, indirectly, in listed securities.

The units in the unit trust are not themselves listed.

3. Commercial, public and private transport.

Abbreviation for a motor vehicle, designed or adapted for use on public roads.

4. Commercial, public and private transport.

More broadly, any conveyance for goods or people.

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