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Abbreviation for Bloomberg Short-Term Bank Yield Index.

BSBY measures the average yields at which systemically important banks access USD unsecured wholesale funding.

It is a forward-looking term rate and reflects those banks’ funding costs for maturities of overnight, 1, 3, 6 & 12 months.

BSBY is administered by Bloomberg Index Services Limited.

Bloomberg Index Services Limited (BSL) has announced that it will discontinue BSBY rates on 15 November 2024.

"[the] announcement comes following BSL’s consultation with the BSBY Oversight Committee and the BSL board of directors. The consultation cites BSBY’s limited use within financial products and a projection that its use is unlikely to increase significantly in the future as the determining factors for the decision.

Of particular note for market participants (and especially for legal practitioners) is that BSL will not be recommending a fallback replacement rate for BSBY."

(Source - Haynes Boone - 30 November 2023.)

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