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Information technology - financial services - embedded finance - fintech - banks.


Banking as a service includes traditional banks working with other organisations to provide embedded finance services to consumers.

Trust levels drive BaaS growth
"... it may be that the consumer is happier taking up financial services from their favoured brands than they might from traditional banks and others in the sector.
And that in part explains why banks themselves are waking up to the possibility of working with corporates to develop embedded finance services as a way of opening up new revenue streams.
Clearly, the consumer-facing benefits of embedded finance are rapidly evolving and making the case for corporates to investigate this area more compelling.
And with a dizzying number of fintechs only too happy to pitch themselves to banks and corporates as the enablers of a new wave of ‘banking as a service’, the noise around this will surely increase."
The Treasurer online, 2 December 2021

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