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The term 'Brexodus' is a combination of BRitain and exodus.

It refers to the movement of businesses and individuals out of the UK that is considered to be a result of Brexit.

Brexit: finance firm relocations mount up

"Some 275 firms in the finance sector have either pulled, or are preparing to pull, business worth £900bn out of the UK because of Brexit, according to a March [2019] report from New Financial.
Entitled The New Financial Brexitometer, the report notes, 'Brexit effectively happened some time last year'.
New Financial MD William Wright says: 'The top line figure almost certainly understates the extent of the Brexodus.
We are only looking at companies that have said publicly what they are doing or have set up a new entity in the past 18 months.
This is phase one.'"

The Treasurer magazine, Cash Management Edition April 2019, p6.

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