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Financial regulation - supervision - sustainability - European Union (EU) - Capital Markets Union (CMU).


The European Single Access Point is a proposal for a centralised ‘data space’ providing free and easy digital access to comprehensive information about EU corporates.

Selected financial and sustainability-related information for EU corporates will be filed in a specific digital format to increase transparency and improve the exchange of information for all market participants, including public and private stakeholders.

No further reporting requirements are imposed on companies.

The idea is rather to provide improved access to data that businesses have already disclosed in the public domain, in line with relevant directives and regulations.

(Source - BRAG.)

ESAP regulation will mandate free centralised digital access to information
"[The European Commission has] also approved a European single access point (ESAP) regulation, mandating free, centralised and digital access to public financial and nonfinancial information about EU companies and investment products. This would be provided via an ESAP platform available from summer 2027."
(Keith Nuthall - The Treasurer - Issue 1, 2024, p16.)

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