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1. Physical production.

In physical production processes, inputs generally include labour, materials, and manufactured commodities or components.

2. Other processes.

Similar parts of other processes, especially people's or organisations' time, expertise and opinions.

For example, a technical expert group is a group established for the purpose of providing specialist technical input to a process, such as an arbitration or dispute resolution panel of the World Trade Organization to assist with questions requiring detailed consideration by experts.

3. Analysis - modelling - valuation - measurement.

Data used for analysis, modelling, valuation or measurement.

4. Systems - technology - verb.

To put information or instructions into a system, especially when done manually.

For example, to input offline voice or written instructions into a processing system.

5. Indirect tax - value added tax (VAT).

Input tax relates to the goods and services bought by a VAT-registered business.

Contrasted with Output tax.

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