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1. Law - European Union (EU) - UK - technology transfer agreements.

For the purposes of regulating technology transfer agreements, EU and UK law define know-how as:

" a package of practical information, resulting from experience and testing, which is:
(i) secret, that is to say, not generally known or easily accessible,
(ii) substantial, that is to say, significant and useful for the production of the [relevant goods or services], and
(iii) identified, that is to say, described in a sufficiently comprehensive manner so as to make it possible to verify that it fulfils the criteria of secrecy and substantiality."
EU Technology Transfer Block Exemption Regulation 316/2014 - retained EU law in UK.

2. Other contexts.

Technical or practical knowledge gained from research or experience, that enables an individual or organisation in possession of it to implement a process.

Examples include the successful use of a patent.

Know-how is sometimes written knowhow.

Know-how is sometimes known as "procedural knowledge".

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