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1. Risk management - World Economic Forum (WEF) - Global Risks Report - global risk.

For the purposes of the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report, a misinformation and disinformation global risk is defined as persistent false information (deliberate or otherwise) widely spread through media networks, shifting public opinion in a significant way towards distrust in facts and authority.

Explosion in falsified information and synthetic content
"Misinformation and disinformation is a new leader of the top 10 [global risk] rankings this year.
No longer requiring a niche skill set, easy-to-use interfaces to large-scale artificial intelligence (AI) models have already enabled an explosion in falsified information and so-called ‘synthetic’ content, from sophisticated voice cloning to counterfeit websites.
To combat growing risks, governments are beginning to roll out new and evolving regulations to target both hosts and creators of online disinformation and illegal content."
Global Risks Report 2024, Page 18, January 2024, World Economic Forum.

2. Risk management - risk identification.

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