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A sustainability co-ordinator is an optional appointment in a green, social or sustainability-linked (GSS) syndicated loan.

The sustainability co-ordinator is an external party that takes the external lead on sustainability and related issues.

Sustainability co-ordinator's role and responsibilities
"A sustainability coordinator may be variously referred to as a “sustainability structuring agent”, an “ESG structuring agent”, a “sustainability agent”, a “sustainability arranger”, a “green loan coordinator” (in relation to a green loan), a “social loan coordinator” (in relation to a social loan) and/or a “sustainability-linked loan coordinator” (in relation to a sustainability-linked loan).
These titles are often used interchangeably and there is currently no definitive market standard as to the responsibilities which are associated with each of these respective labels..."
An introduction to the sustainability co-ordinator role - Loan Market Association - 2022 - p2.

Another name for the role of sustainability co-ordinator is the sustainability structuring bank.

Heathrow's sustainability-linked bond structured by Société Générale
"The success of the trade was evidenced by the participation from SFDR Article 9 funds, which is rare for an issuer in a hard-to-abate sector.
Barclays, BNP Paribas, Lloyds, NatWest Markets and RBC Capital Markets were joint active bookrunners, with Société Générale as the SLB structuring bank."
ACT Deals of the Year Awards 2023: Bonds below £750m winner.

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