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1. Sustainability - European Union - European Commission - EU Taxonomy.

Under the EU Taxonomy, transitional activities are ones:

(1) For which there are no technologically and economically feasible low-carbon alternatives, but

(2) That support the transition to a climate-neutral economy in a manner that is consistent with a pathway to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, for example by phasing out greenhouse gas emissions.

Also known as transition activities.

Nuclear and gas can be considered transitional activities under EU Taxonomy
"The EU Commission presented its Taxonomy Complementary Climate Delegated Act on climate change mitigation and adaptation covering certain gas and nuclear activities.
The Delegated Act introduced:
(a) additional economic activities from the energy sector into the EU Taxonomy, by setting out the conditions subject to which certain nuclear and gas activities can be added as transitional activities to those already covered by the first Delegated Act on climate mitigation and adaptation, applicable since 1 January 2022; and
(b) specific disclosure requirements for businesses related to their activities in the gas and nuclear energy sectors."
ESG update - February 2022 - Association of Corporate Treasurers.


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