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1. Corporate social responsibility - company law - corporate governance.

Stakeholders are all the people and bodies who have a legitimate interest in an organisation's activities, including shareholders but also covering a much wider group of interest holders.

One important group of stakeholders are lenders - also known as debt investors.

The term Stakeholders may be defined very broadly, and the breadth of its definition has been increasing over time.

In the business context, stakeholders are normally considered to include, as a minimum, shareholders, lenders and employees.

2. Markets - public sector - third sector.

All the people and organisations that have a legitimate interest in any market or sphere of activity.

Payment Systems Regulator working with stakeholders
"Acquirers and issuers pay fees to Mastercard and Visa for services related to participation in the card scheme (scheme fees), and for authorisation, clearing and settlement services for card payments (processing fees).
Our work on our card-acquiring market review, reinforced through ongoing work with stakeholders, shows that the fees acquirers pay have increased significantly since 2014."
UK Payments Systems Regulator - Annual Plan 2023/24.

3. Gambling.

A trusted independent party with whom the gamblers lodge the amounts bet, until the outcome of the bet is determined.

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