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Whole turnoverWholesaleWholesale Markets Brokers' Association
Wholesale central bank digital currencyWholesale funds transfer systemWholesale lockboxes
Wholesale marketsWholesale rateWicked problem
Wide area networkWin-winWin rate
Windfall taxWinding-upWinding up
Winding up petitionWindowWindow-dressing
Wire fraudWire transferWith recourse
WithdrawalWithdrawal AgreementWithholding tax
Without recourseWonWork in progress
WorkbookWorking Group on Sterling Risk-Free Reference RatesWorking capital
Working capital cycleWorking capital managementWorking effectively with others
Working group on euro risk-free ratesWorkoutWorld Bank
World Bank Safeguard PoliciesWorld Benchmarking AllianceWorld Business Council for Sustainable Development
World Economic ForumWorld Federation of ExchangesWorld Forum on Natural Capital
World Green Infrastructure NetworkWorld Meteorological OrganizationWorld Resources Institute
World Trade OrganizationWorld currency unitWorld wide web
WorldviewWorldwide interest capWrite
Write downWriting down allowanceWrong way risk
Wrongful tradingX-Value AdjustmentX-inefficiency
YankeeYankee CDYankee bond
YardYellow hydrogenYen
YieldYield basisYield curve
Yield curve riskYield pick-upYield spread
Yield to conversionYield to maturityYield to redemption
Yield to worstYuanYuan renminbi
ZLB problemZNLBZ score
Z statisticZeroZero-coupon swap
Zero-sum gameZero balance accountZero balancing
Zero basedZero based budgetingZero cost
Zero couponZero coupon bondZero coupon rate
Zero coupon yieldZero emissionsZero hours contract
Zero lower boundZero rate provisionZero rated
ZettabyteZlotyZombie company