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1. Behavioural skills - social concerns - development.

The desirable quality of unity and common purpose in a group.

CEB actively promotes social cohesion
"The Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) is a multilateral development bank with an exclusively social mandate.
Through the provision of financing and technical expertise for projects with a high social impact in its member states, it actively promotes social cohesion and strengthens social integration in Europe."
Council of Europe Development Bank - the Treasurer's Wiki.

Contrasted with working in silos.

2. Collaboration - frameworks - integration - consistency.

Common purpose and consistency between the different elements of a body of work.

Framework promotes cohesion
"The purposes of the International Integrated Reporting Framework include... promoting a more cohesive approach to corporate reporting including the full range of factors that affect the ability of an organisation to create value over time."
International Integrated Reporting Framework - the Treasurer's Wiki.

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