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Information technology - software - natural language processing - artificial intelligence (AI).



Artificial intelligence that can generate new text that is human-like, and in some cases may be difficult to distinguish from human-written text.


More broadly, artificial intelligence that can generate new content including imagery, audio and synthetic data, as well as text.

Improving financial forecasting with GenAI
"If I had to pick where GenAI would be most relevant, it would be the ability to accurately forecast financials.
The benefits of accurately being able to forecast would be tangible across both internal and external stakeholders.

This ranges across credit, liquidity and operational risk, all of which sit right within the remit of treasury functions.
Having the ability to generate accurate forecasts should reduce operational errors, improve cash management and facilitate access to greater sources of capital.
Better access to liquidity will then support areas that many businesses look to for their growth such as M&A."
Robert Searle, chair of the ACT’s Future Leaders in Treasury Group - The Treasurer 2023 Issue 3 - p22.

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