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1. Debt.

In relation to a financial instrument evidencing a debt obligation, the remaining time until the principal is repayable to the holder.

2. Derivative instruments.

The remaining life of a derivative instrument, during which its value may continue to change.

3. Duration - related measures

Loosely, the same as any of: average effective maturity, average maturity, average nominal maturity or duration.

4. Pensions.

In relation to a Defined Benefit pension scheme, the ratio of the accrued liabilities relating to the deferred and actual pensioners to those relating to the active members.

5. Markets.

In relation to a market or economy, a mature one that is at relatively later stage of development.

6. Behavioural skills.

The positive personal quality generally associated with higher levels of social intelligence, self-awareness and the ability to self-regulate, and reliability.

It is usually associated with having had a larger amount of relevant experience.

However, some relatively less experienced individuals have high levels of behavioural maturity.

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