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1. Currency assets - adjective.

The siting of a currency asset in the country of which the currency is the domestic currency.

Contrasted with 'offshore'.

2. Regulation & law - European Union - Brexit - verb.

To transfer the provisions of relevant EU regulations and law, into domestic regulation and law.

For example, the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR).

Onshoring EMIR to the UK
"The European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) has been onshored into UK legislation via a number of statutory instruments (SIs) and Binding Technical Standards (BTS).
A list of UK EMIR onshoring legislation can be found on the UK EMIR library page...
The onshored UK EMIR REFIT also brings into UK legislation amendments to UK EMIR that make the regime more proportionate for certain firms."
UK EMIR - Financial Conduct Authority

Onshored EMIR updated
"[The Financial Services Act 2021] contains technical updates amending the onshored version of EMIR to improve access to clearing services, especially for smaller firms."
Allen & Overy - 2021.

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