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Retail investor protection - UK - Financial Conduct Authority - European Union.

Abbreviation for the Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products Regulation that has applied in the UK since 1 January 2018.

The aim of the PRIIPs Regulation is to help investors to better understand and compare the key features, risk, rewards and costs of different PRIIPs, through access to a Key Information Document (KID).

FCA consultation on PRIIPs Regulation

"For many corporate bond issuers, it is not clear whether they fall within the scope of the PRIIPs Regulation.
Evidence collected by the FCA identified a particular problem in relation to debt securities which are not necessarily complex but include commonly used features such as issuer calls (make whole) and change of control puts.
Arguably, these features trigger the PRIIPs regulations and therefore issuers either produce a KID or, more commonly, make the offering ineligible to retail investors.
Neither of these solutions is particularly attractive and, as part of [its] consultation, the FCA are looking to clarify definitions."
Association of Corporate Treasurers - September 2021 Membership newsletter

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