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Cash management - liquidity - financial markets - infrastructure - remittances.

A payment rail is an infrastructure that supports and enables remittances and settlement.

Rails coexistence and interaction will optimise solutions
"Currently, payment rails are predicated upon a centralized model.
Furthermore, new, transformative rails - such as the Real-Time Payments (RTP®) network in the US, Australia’s New Payments Platform (NPP) and the Faster Payments network in the UK - are restricted in terms of the value that can be transferred.
This is an issue for wholesale payments in particular, where values significantly exceed such ceilings...

... we believe that no one initiative or technology is a silver bullet for delivering optimized payments—nor is there one path that will take us there.
It is a combination of capabilities that will enable payments and settlements to be truly optimized.
Going forward, the industry will see coexistence and interaction between traditional rails, the more established emerging technologies and the new landscape of digital currencies.
Digital tokens and fiat money will coexist, with different rails and channels remaining relevant, supporting different payment needs and delivering value."
Innovation in Payments - A spotlight on digital currencies - BNY Mellon, 2021 - p4 & 11.

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