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Interest rate benchmarks - GBP.

Repurchase overnight interest average (sterling).

Introduced in 2011, RONIA is the weighted average rate to four decimal places of all sterling overnight borrowing/deposit transactions secured against collateral of gilts brokered in London by contributing European Venues and Intermediaries Association (EVIA) member firms between 00.00 hrs and 16.15 hrs UK time with all counterparties, with no minimum deal size. (Security is taken in the form of sale and repurchase agreements - REPOs.)

The index is a weighted average overnight deposit rate for each business day. Each rate in the average is weighted by the principal amount of deposits which were taken on that day.

RONIA is published by WMBA Ltd (an associated undertaking of European Venues and Intermediaries Association) in London.

RONIA was formerly a regulated interest benchmark, but was recategorised as an interest rate index in 2022.

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