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Financial services - regulation - European Union (EU) - UK - retained EU law.

MiFIR is an abbreviation for Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation.

It is designed to enable regulators to (1) detect and investigate potential instances of market abuse and (2) monitor the fair and orderly functioning of markets.

It does this by imposing reporting requirements on investment firms, so that the regulator receives complete, accurate and timely data.

UK MiFIR is the regime for the UK that covers the activities addressed by the MiFIR regime that applies to the EU.

UK MiFIR is UK domestic regulation and law comprising:

  1. The original EU-wide MiFIR regime as it became retained EU law at the end of December 2020, together with
  2. Subseqeuent amendments made from time to time in the UK.

UK MiFIR is overseen and enforced by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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