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1. Sustainability.

Economic and other activity which is environmentally sustainable.

2. Green Loan Principles (GLP) and Green Bond Principles (GBP).

Compliant with the environmental sustainability guidance in the GLP, the GBP or both of them.

Renewi entirely green
"We are doing something slightly unusual and saying that we are entirely green.
There are not many companies in the world that can put that endorsement around all of their operations.
The category in which we describe ourselves as green, within the taxonomy of the Green Loan and Green Bond Principles, is that we are focused entirely on 'pollution prevention and control'.
This is our purpose in the framework.
We have then taken out some assets that are less green in order to give some clarification around the remaining assets."
Adam Richford FCA FCT, Group Treasurer, Renewi, The Treasurer, August 2018, p18.

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