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1. Development banks.

Additionality is development banks' operating principle of complementing or supplementing provision from the commercial sector, and avoiding competing with - or crowding out - other organisations.

For this reason, development banks will not provide support where the project is able to obtain sufficient financing or facilities elsewhere on reasonable terms.

2. Renewable power generation.

The concept of adding more renewable power generation onto the electricity grid.

Generally linked to new building of clean generating assets.

3. Other contexts.

Similar principles in other contexts.

Demonstration of additionality
"This relates to whether the project has resulted in emission reductions or removals in addition to what would have happened in the absence of the project.
If the project reduction is used as an offset, the quantification procedure should address additionality and demonstrate that the project itself is not the baseline and that project emissions are less than baseline emissions.
Additionality ensures the integrity of the fixed cap or target for which the offset is used."
Greenhouse Gas Protocol - Accounting for GHG Reductions.

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