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Interest rate collarInterest rate differentialInterest rate enhancement
Interest rate exposureInterest rate floorInterest rate futures
Interest rate gapInterest rate gap reportInterest rate guarantee
Interest rate implicit in a leaseInterest rate nettingInterest rate optimisation
Interest rate optionInterest rate parityInterest rate risk
Interest rate shockInterest rate swapInterest rate tiering
Interest rate transformationInterest yieldInterim deed
InterlinkingIntermediary companyIntermediation
Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment ProcessInternal Liquidity Adequacy Assessment ProcessInternal Market
Internal Models ApproachInternal Revenue ServiceInternal control
Internal exposure management techniqueInternal factoringInternal rate of return
Internal tradingInternal transfersInternalisation
Internalisation riskInternalizationInternational Accounting Standards
International Accounting Standards BoardInternational Association of Deposit InsurersInternational Auditing and Assurance Standards Board
International Bank for Reconstruction and DevelopmentInternational Banking FacilitiesInternational Capital Market Association
International Central Securities DepositoryInternational Chamber of CommerceInternational Commodities Clearing House
International Financial Reporting Interpretations CommitteeInternational Financial Reporting StandardsInternational Fisher Effect
International GAAPInternational Group of Treasury AssociationsInternational Monetary Fund
International Monetary MarketInternational Monetary and Financial SystemInternational Organization of Securities Commissions
International Securities Market AssociationInternational Swap Dealers AssociationInternational Swaps and Derivatives Association
International Trade and Forfaiting AssociationInternational bank account numberInternational bond
International capital marketInternational factoringInternational fund
International lawInternational money marketInternational payment instruction
International tradeInternetInternet protocol
InterpolationIntersectionIntervention account
Intra-day creditIntra viresIntraday risk
IntragroupIntranetIntrinsic value
IntroductionIntroductory commissionInventory
Inventory managementInventory turnoverInventory turnover ratio
Inverse functionInverse quoteInverse relationship
Inverse yield curveInversionInverted yield curve
Investing activitiesInvestmentInvestment-grade bond
Investment CommitteesInvestment Management AssociationInvestment appraisal
Investment bankInvestment companyInvestment firm
Investment fundInvestment gradeInvestor
Investor relationsInvisibles balanceInvitation to treat
InvoiceInvoice discountingInvoice price
IrrationalIrredeemableIrredeemable bond
IrrevocableIrrevocable and unconditional transferIrrevocable letter of credit
Islamic financeIssuanceIssue
Issue priceIssued share capitalIssuer
Issuing bankIssuing houseItaly
JapanJob costingJoint and several liability
Joint arrangementJoint controlJoint liability
Joint operationJoint ventureJournal entry
Judicial precedentJumboJumbo certificate of deposit
JuniorJunior debtJunk
Junk bondJurisdictionJust in case
Just in timeKKA
KappaKayKay Review
Key AttributesKey control indicatorKey performance indicator
Key risk indicatorKeynesianismKilobyte
Know-your-customerKnowledge and information managementKurtosis
Kuwait Inter Bank Offer RateLL&P
L&QL-SREPL/D ratio
L/SD ratioL/SF ratioLAB
LabourLaffer curveLagging
Lambert reviewLamfalussy StandardsLand
Large-capLarge-value funds transfer systemLarge-value payments
Large Complex Financial InstitutionLarge value transfer systemLaspeyres index
Last in first outLaw of comparative advantageLaw of demand
Law of large numbersLaw of supplyLayering
LeadLead bankLead bookrunner
Lead managerLeadingLeakage
LeanLeap yearLease
LeaseholdLedgerLedger balance
Ledger dateLegal entity identifier
Legal implications of cash pooling structuresLegal personLegal personality
Legal riskLegal tenderLegislation
Legislative riskLegislatureLehman
Lender of last resortLenders Option Borrowers OptionLeptokurtic
Leptokurtic frequency distributionLeptokurtosisLeptokurtotic
LesseeLessorLetter of awareness
Letter of comfortLetter of creditLetters of representation
Lettre de change relevéLevel 1A liquid assetsLevel 1B liquid assets
Level 1 lawLevel 1 liquid assetsLevel 1 valuation inputs
Level 2A liquid assetsLevel 2B liquid assetsLevel 2 liquid assets
Level 2 valuation inputsLevel 3 valuation inputsLeverage
Leverage RatioLeverage Ratio ExposureLeveraged
Leveraged buyoutLeveraged financeLeveraged takeover
LeveredLevered betaLiabilities
Liabilities and equityLiability-led bankLicence
LienLife assuranceLife cycle
Lifetime allowanceLifting feesLiikanen Report
Liikanen ruleLike for likeLimited Price Indexation
Limited companyLimited liabilityLimited liability partnership
Limited partnershipLimited recourseLinear
Linear interpolationLinear regressionLintner
LiquidateLiquidated damagesLiquidation
Liquidation and PayoutLiquidation valueLiquidator
LiquidityLiquidity Coverage RatioLiquidity buffer
Liquidity feeLiquidity fundLiquidity gap
Liquidity insuranceLiquidity managementLiquidity preference
Liquidity premiumLiquidity riskLiquidity run