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Self management and accountabilitySell-side firmSemi-annual basis
Semi-annual rateSemi-fixed costSemi-strong market efficiency
Semi-variable costSemiannualSender finality
SeniorSenior Managers RegimeSenior Managers and Certification Regime
Senior debtSenior independent directorSeniority
SensitivitySensitivity analysisSeparate legal order
Separate personality principleSeries ASeries B
Serious Fraud OfficeServerService
Service Organization ControlService agreementService cost
Service level agreementServices Producer Price IndexServitisation
Session cookieSet-offSettled to market
SettlementSettlement accountSettlement agent
Settlement bankSettlement dateSettlement finality
Settlement institutionSettlement lagSettlement netting
Settlement riskSettlement systemSettlement unwind
SettlorSeveralSeveral liability
Shadow bankShadow bankingShadow director
Shadow modelShallow discount bondShaper
ShareShare buy-backShare capital
Share for share exchangeShare of walletShare premium
Share premium accountShare priceShare split
Shared Service CentreShared services centreShareholder
Shareholder Rights DirectiveShareholder returnsShareholder value
Shareholder value analysisShareholdersShareholders cash flow
Shareholders’ fundsShareholders’ wealthSharia-compliant fixed income capital markets instruments for cross-border transactions
Sharpe ratioShelf companyShock
ShortShort-term investmentsShort-term notes payable
Short chargeable accounting periodShort datesShort interest
Short life assetShort positionShort selling
Short termShort termismSidejacking
SightSight depositsSight draft
SigmaSign conventionSignalling
Signature cardsSignificance levelSignificance testing
Significant Risk TransferSignificant institutionSilk Road bond
SiloSilver bulletSimple annuity
Simple averageSimple interestSimple investment accounting
SimulationSimultaneous equationsSingapore
Single-loop learningSingle Euro Payments AreaSingle Financial Guidance Body
Single Immediate PaymentSingle MarketSingle Point of Entry
Single Resolution BoardSingle Supervisory MechanismSingle capacity
Single legal account poolingSingle traderSinking fund
Six sigmaSkewSkewed distribution
SkewnessSkills and performance coachingSlope
SlottingSmall-capSmall and Medium-sized Enterprises
Smart betaSmart cardsSmartphone
Smithsonian AgreementSmurfingSocial-engineering
Social Bond PrinciplesSocial Business TrustSocial bias
Social bondSocial capitalSocial concerns
Social engineeringSocial enterpriseSocial impact bond
Social inclusion bondSocial intelligenceSociety for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications
Société d’Investissement à Capital VariableSoftSoft Brexit
Soft call protectionSoft currencySoftness
SoftwareSoftware robotSolar CSP
Solar PVSole traderSolicited rating
Solution-focused coachingSolvencySolvency II
Source biasSouth AfricaSouth Korea
SovereignSovereign debtSovereign fund
Sovereign immunitySovereign issuanceSovereign risk
Sovereign social bondSovereign wealth fundSovereignty
SpASpainSpear phishing
Spec-gradeSpecial Purpose EntitySpecial dividend
Special drawing rightsSpecial endorsementSpecial purpose vehicle
SpecialistSpecific equity riskSpecific performance
Specific riskSpeculationSpeculative
Speculative gradeSpeculative motiveSpens clause
Spot marketSpot priceSpot rate
Spot transactionSpot yieldSpread
Spread betSpread riskSpread to Treasury/ Governments
SpreadsheetSpreadsheet StandardsSpreadsheet risk
Springing covenantSprintSquare Mile
Square root of timeSqueezeStability
Stability BondStability and Growth PactStable outlook
Stakeholder analysisStakeholder pension schemeStamp duty
Stamp duty land taxStamp duty reserve taxStandard & Poor's
Standard ListingStandard Setting BodyStandard contribution rate
Standard costStandard cost cardStandard deviation
Standard ratedStandard variable rateStandardised Approach
Standardised corporate environmentStandardised normal distributionStandby credit facility
Standby letter of creditStanding orderStar
Stare decisisStarting legState
State Administration of Foreign ExchangeState Earnings Related Pension SchemeState Pension
State Second PensionState aidState aid law
State immunityStatementStatement of Standard Accounting Practice
Statement of affairsStatement of cash flowsStatement of changes in equity
Statement of commitmentStatement of comprehensive incomeStatement of directors' responsibilities
Statement of federal financial accounting conceptStatement of federal financial accounting standardStatement of financial accounting standard
Statement of financial positionStatement of funding principlesStatement of investment principles
Statement of other comprehensive incomeStatement of practiceStatement of profit or loss
Statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive incomeStatement of recognised income and expenseStatement of recommended practice
Statement of shareholders' equityStatement of total recognised gains and lossesStatistical distribution
Statistical inferenceStatistical significanceStatistics
StatsStatus quo biasStatute
Statute of limitationStatutoryStatutory accounts
Statutory companyStatutory debtStatutory demand
Statutory dutyStatutory filingStatutory funding objective
Statutory instrumentStatutory liabilityStatutory surplus basis
StemSteppedStepped interest
Stepped marginSterlingSterling Monetary Framework
Sterling commercial paperSterling exchange rate indexSterling overnight index average
StewardshipStewardship CodeSticky
Stiftung FamilienunternehmenStochasticStochastic simulation
StockStock-outStock exchange
Stock exchange alternative trading serviceStock exchange automated quotation systemStock exchange electronic trading system
Stock managementStock outStock turnover
StockoutStop-loss limitStop-loss order
StraddleStraight-through processingStraight bond
Straight debtStraight lineStranded middle
Strategic ReportStrategic analysisStrategic business unit
Strategic cashStratified samplingStreamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting
Strengths assessmentStressStress test
Strike priceStrike rateStriking off
Strong Customer AuthenticationStrong form efficiencyStructural
Structural riskStructural subordinationStructured deposit