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Time of supplyTime seriesTime series graph
Time subordinationTime valueTime value of money
TnTobin taxTokyo Overnight Average Rate
TomTom nextTombstone
Too Big To FailToo important to failTop-down resolution
Top lineTortTotal Loss Absorbing Capacity
Total Loss Absorbing CapitalTotal Risk Weighted ExposureTotal assets
Total capitalTotal capital ratioTotal cost
Total returnTotal return swapTotal shareholder return
ToxicTracker fundTracking error
TradeTrade Facilitation AgreementTrade acceptance
Trade credit insuranceTrade creditorsTrade date
Trade debtorsTrade deficitTrade finance
Trade payablesTrade receivablesTrade repository
Trade surplusTrade union policyTrade war
Traded optionTrademarkTrading book
Trading companyTrading creditTrading debit
Trading loanTrancheTrans-European automated real-time gross settlement express transfer
Trans-Pacific PartnershipTransactionTransaction Workflow Innovation Standards Team
Transaction balanceTransaction dateTransaction exposure
Transaction matching applicationTransaction riskTransactional analysis
Transactional bankingTransactional exposureTransactions motive
TransferTransfer agentTransfer of a going concern
Transfer priceTransfer pricingTransfer risk
Transfer systemTransfer valueTransferable risk
TransfereeTransit floatTransit routing number
Transitional basisTranslation exposureTranslation risk
Translational exposureTransmission Control ProtocolTransmission mechanism
TransnationalTransparencyTransport Layer Security
Transport documentsTransposition errorTrapped cash
Travaux preparatoriesTravel and entertainment cardTreasurer
TreasuriesTreasuryTreasury Management System
Treasury Workstation Integration Standards Team
Treasury billsTreasury bondsTreasury counterparty
Treasury inflation-indexed securitiesTreasury inflation-protected securitiesTreasury management
Treasury management information systemsTreasury notesTreasury operations
Treasury performance management – waste of time or a necessity?Treasury policyTreasury risk
Treasury securitiesTreasury sharesTreasury workstation
TrendTrend analysisTri-party agent
Tri-party repoTri-party repurchase agreementTrial balance
Trigger eventTrillionTriparty repo
Triple bottom lineTrnTrojan
Trojan horseTromboneTrue and fair view
Trust deedTrusteeTrustee liability insurance
TurnbullTurnbull GuidanceTurnkey
TurnoverTwin PeaksTwo-way price
Two factor systemTwo tailed testType 1 SOC 1
Type 2 SOC 1Type II errorType I error
UKSAUKTIUK Asset Resolution
UK Bank Corporation Tax surchargeUK Bank LevyUK Code
UK Corporate Governance CodeUK Export FinanceUK Finance
UK Financial InvestmentsUK GAAPUK Money Markets Code
UK Payments Administration LtdUK Securities Lending, Repo and Money Markets CodeUK Stewardship Code
UK Trade and InvestmentUK plcUN
US FedUS GAAPUS Glass-Steagall
US commercial paperUS prime rateUTI
Ultra viresUmbrella schemeUnattributable input VAT
UncommittedUncommitted riskUnconnected company
UncoveredUncovered interest arbitrageUndated
UnderhedgingUnderlyingUnderlying asset
Underlying currencyUnderlying priceUnderstanding and mitigating the risks associated with international travel
UndertakingUndertaking for collective investments in transferable securitiesUndervalued
UnderwriterUnderwritingUnderwriting group
Underwritten dealUnencumberedUnethical behaviour
Unfunded schemeUngearedUngeared beta
Ungeared cash flowUnicornUniform Commercial Code
Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary CreditsUniform Rules for ForfaitingUnincorporated
UninsurableUnit trustUnited Arab Emirates
United KingdomUnited Kingdom Financial Investments LtdUnited Nations
United Nations Conference on Trade and DevelopmentUnited StatesUnited States Agency for International Development
Universal bankUniversal bankingUniversal basic income
UnleveragedUnleveredUnlimited company
Unobservable valuation inputsUnratedUnrealised profit
Unrelated partyUnrewarded riskUnsecured debt
Unsolicited ratingUnsystematic riskUnwinding
Upper earnings limitUpper quartileUpside
UpstreamUsanceUsance letter of credit
Useful economic lifeUseful financial informationUseful life
UtilUtilisation feeUtility
VAT groupVAT returnVBA
Valuation basisValuation dateValuation inputs
ValueValue-added bankValue-added centre
Value-added networkValue Added TaxValue at risk
Value based managementValue chain analysisValue date
Value datingValue driverValue for money
Value in useValue investmentValue judgement
VanillaVariabilityVariable cost
Variable currencyVariable net asset valueVariance
Variance-covariance methodVariance analysisVariation margin
VegaVega hedgingVega neutral
Veil of incorporationVendorVendor finance
Vendor managed inventoryVendor placingVenture Capital Schemes
Venture capitalVertical integrationVesting
VickersVickers ReportVirtual account
Virtual bankVirtual bank accountVirtual pooling
Visibles balanceVoid contractVoidable contract
VolatilityVolatility indexVolatility smile
Volatility traderVolcker RuleVoluntary liquidation